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Setup Your
Own VPN Server
In a Few Clicks!

Setup Your
Own VPN Server
In a Few Clicks!

What is this?

This service provides you an ability to setup your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) server on your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) server or whatever server you have e.g. one in your private network. No need to have special knowledge. Just fill in the form below and click Setup.

What means yours? You own your VPS server. You fully control your server, logs and whatever. (Note: In case of VPS your VPS provider has access to image of your server). This is just a server within a cloud. You are free to use any provider you like. On how to buy VPS details are below. If you have no idea what VPS is don't worry. To buy and use it here you don't need any special knowledge and skills. Usually VPN costs $5-15 per month allowing about 10 client to be online simultaneously. This service allows you to get a VPN with unlimited users for less money.

Our goal is to make this setup as easy as possible to allow everybody have it own controlled VPN server. Also note that we use OpenVPN software. One of most reliable and secure VPN software. As DNS server we use OpenDNS.

What if you want to setup a server inside your local network or don't trust our servers. Run our app on your localhost and setup the server from there the same way as on the website. Please for details see the sources on GitHub.

Be notified that illegal activity is prohibited and everything you do is your responsibility. VPN doesn't provide 100% privacy. Note that Vpn4.One never cheats on you. We respect your privacy and strictly follow our privacy policy.

How it works

  • Buy VPS
  • Fill in the form below and click the Setup button
  • Get your keys by downloading via our web interface or directly from VPS via any method you like (scp e.g.)
  • Download and setup VPN client software on your platform(s)



Select a VPS provider. We use Vultr. New Jersey location costs for $3.5 per month. You are free to choose any location you like.

For now only root user and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is supported. Your VPS should provide ssh access via 22 tcp port. Do not enter addresses that begin with 10, 172 or 192 these are local and service won't work. To setup your local server run the app on your localhost and enter the local server address there. Please for details see the manual on GitHub.

Give us ssh access to the VPS you bought

Keys are stored in your home directory in ~/myvpn.

Connect to VPN

Unpack your keys (.ovpn files) from archive you downloaded. You can rename these files to anything meaningfull to make farther usage more comfortable.

Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS. Download the client here. In pictures below Windows is used. But OpenVPN client has the same interface for all platforms. So the process should be similar.

Linux. For Ubuntu/Debian based use.

sudo apt install openvpn

For Manjaro or other Arch based distro use.

sudo pacman -S openvpn

We assume the path to key is /home/<username>/myvpn/mykey.ovpn. Add the following line to /etc/rc.local before exit 0 statement. To run it manually execute this line with sudo.

openvpn --config /home/<username>/myvpn/mykey.ovpn --daemon

To enable (if not yet) rc.local support on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS issue these.

{ echo '#!/bin/sh -e'; echo 'exit 0'; } | sudo tee /etc/rc.local
sudo systemctl enable rc-local

On Manjaro.

yay -S rc-local

See this manual to properly override DNS.

After setup

It's strongly recommended to change the root's password. This section provides linux terminal commands you can use to change the VPS password and/or check that we have no access to your server via ssh keys. You can just copy and paste these to the console. To paste to the terminal on linux press Ctrl+Shit+V. On windows right mouse click.

First you need to login to your system

These instructions are both for Linux and Windows 10. Open terminal on your system. On windows open main menu and search for cmd.exe. Then paste lines below.

ssh root@<Your VPS IP Address>

You will be asked for the password. Note that no symblos are shown while you are entering password.

How to change VPS password


Enter new password. Note that also no symblos are shown while you are entering password. Please remember to create strong password. To check the password strength you can use one of the tools available online e.g. this one. You can also use password generator. Note that if you forget the password there is no way to get in to the server. In that case the only way is to re deploy the server and setup it again.

How to check whether whoever is able to login to your server via ssh keys

[ -f ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ] && cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

If above command shows nothing nobody have access to your server via ssh keys. If you wish you can just delete this file that will forbids ssh key pair access for anyone who has the access for now. This file just contains user identifiers that are allowed to login via public/private keys pair. Delete a line in this file to inhibit login for this particular user.

To remove the file use this.

rm ~/.ssh/authorized_keys